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bdjobskey campus star award

Participate our job related 90 exam ( one exam per day) Top 10 scorer of each university  will be selected for a crest  with certificate and they will be treated as bdjobskey campus star.

Features of bdjobskey is web based examination system (Model test, Quiz )for jobs seekers (BCS, Bank and Other competitive exam).

► It's free for all and easy to use.

►90 exam will be held in three months (attain one exam per day)

► After three months top 10 job seekers of each university will be awarded lucrative prizes with certificate at prize giving ceremony.

►We provide potential job seekers a variety of questions and guidelines.
►Those questions may come to exam including Bangladeshi affairs, International affairs, Bangla,   English,Mathematics, and General Sciences, technical knowledge’s and all the various aspects of questions that come to the competitive examination.

►The is an education, public, non-political, non-commercial, and non- profit establishment. It is a website that is assisting jobs seekers to get a preferable job. [read more]

Top Scorer

Rank 1
ramesh dev nath (700)
Rank 2
Md.Ashikul Islam (698)
Rank 3
subhro (675)
Rank 4
motin (669)
Rank 5
mahabubur rahman (667)
Rank 6
Bimal112233 (588)
Rank 7
Md.Mamotaj Ali (528)
Rank 8
Debjyoti (488)
Rank 9
Mourat (408)
Rank 10
Salambru (355)

For any information Contact- Md. Shamim Hossain Lecturer, Department of Marketing, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Dinajpur- Mobile:01717-413125